ReStory is closing Dec 18th, 2015

Dear friends!
I hope you will be HAPPY for me. I have amazing news.

My DREAM came true.

My dream was to buy a property, renovate and furnish on a budget, using re-purposed materials. My dream was to show you, how to do it, too!

But I can’t do it all… Unfortunately the shop and paint studio needs to close.

I was wondering how to make it all work, and I asked a friend if she wanted to share the shop with me, so I would have more time for the house project. She came to the shop and asked me if I would be willing to lease the whole shop to her.

This happened just last week. I am used to that! This is the Universe giving me what I want, but making me RUN for it!

I will continue ReStory Facebook and website, so we can keep in touch!

Please visit me at the shop until Dec 18th, 2015.

ReStory is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm and I might add more hours in December as well.

I am going to keep you updated in this new adventure!

I am not saying goodbye.

But I have to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for everything: every smile, every cookie, every flower… every kind word.

I will see you SOON!


ReStory is at 101-399 Mountain Hwy (corner with Crown) in North Vancouver BC.

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