What would you do if you were NOT AFRAID to fail?

What would you do if you were NOT AFRAID to fail? I would open MY OWN shop! You must have heard a million times: “One thing led to another…” “I just fell into it…” I always thought, “nothing like that happens to me!” And here I am, telling you the exact same words: “One thing […]

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Distressed Stencilled Painting Technique

Duncan final 1Distressed Stencilled Painting Technique I am so excited to show you this painting technique I learn[...]

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Cece Caldwell’s paints workshop!

Dear friends!!! Spring is here, finally!!!! Time to dust that old project in the basement! Our next [...]

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Easy Painting with Cece Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay Paints!

imageDear friends, I am always so happy to explain how to paint with Cece Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay[...]

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Cece Caldwell’s Paint Workshops!!!

Dear friends! I can’t believe it has been TWO MONTHS???? I am crazy busy at the shop! My space[...]

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