What would you do if you were NOT AFRAID to fail?

What would you do if you were NOT AFRAID to fail?

I would open MY OWN shop!

Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True

You must have heard a million times:
“One thing led to another…”
“I just fell into it…”

I always thought, “nothing like that happens to me!”

And here I am, telling you the exact same words: “One thing led to another” and “I just fell into it”!

I must say, though, that I put A LOT of hard work into it. And of course, invested a lot of money
(people don’t like talking about money, but I need to be real).

So, THIS is what I would do if I wasn’t afraid to fail—exactly the same thing I am doing now (scared or not).

ReStory will be my Painting Studio and Shop. It will be a space where people can learn about CeCe Caldwell’s All Natural Chalk + Clay PaintsI will do demos, workshops and even host painting parties (who doesn’t enjoy a good party, right?). ReStory will also be home to beautiful home décor products, the majority of them locally sourced.

I will be posting more details about my journey and my new shop in the upcoming weeks.
Please check out website and also my Facebook page for ReStory Launch Party details!

Now, I have to ask you an important question.

What would YOU do if you were NOT AFRAID to fail?


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