In 2015, BELIEVE

In 2015, believe.

I have been wanting to wrap things up, clean things up, tidy things up!

Must be that anxiety that comes with the end of a year…

But today I am just feeling overwhelming JOY.

I woke up at 6:45am to go to my hair dresser – he has been working around the clock and taking 7 am appointments.

He is leaving on a 6-month trip with his adorable girlfriend.

At first it seems “oh, to be young”… kind of thing. “he can do this because he doesn’t have kids, etc”.

The way I see is: HE MADE IT HAPPEN.

He planned. He saved. He BELIEVED.

I love this boy (he is 30) and I am so happy for him.

This must be the reason I am feeling such JOY today.

He is an INSPIRATION to me.

I had a wonderful year, but along the way I always doubt myself.

I want to make that a resolution for 2015.

I wish, for me and for YOU, a year without FEAR.

Look around and find inspiration in people you love, or people you don’t even know.


With love and gratitude,


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