3 Dressers in 3 Days!

3 dressers in 3 days!

You know when you are so busy that you forget to do things that are extremely important?

I keep “forgetting” to do things like PAINTING furniture at the new shop.

In the midst of seasonal displays and pricing new products, I forget what this is all about: PAINTING.

So, now I am MAD at myself for not painting, and embarrassed about all the brown furniture at the shop.

That’s why I decided to challenge myself and paint 3 dressers in 3 days!

Green Dresser Before
Green Dresser Before
White dresser before
White Dresser Before

I am so sorry I forgot to take a picture of the black dresser BEFORE… so I took it after I had taken the drawers and handles off.

Black dresser before
Black Dresser Before

At the end of Monday, I had done 2 coats in two dressers and 1 coat in one dresser.

Green dresser betweeen
Paint is still drying

On Tuesday, I did the second coat on the black dresser, some re-touches on the white dresser and also distressed them all.

white dresser
Two coats of Vintage White

The white and the black dresser were distressed with a wet rag, which is my favourite process.

No mess, no dust.

Painted White Dresser
White Dresser, Finished

The green dresser is for two adorable clients (that became instant friends) that are opening a coffee shop.

I find that the furniture “speak” to me, and the green dresser “asked” to be sanded.

It was a beautiful day and I sanded all the drawers right outside of the shop.

The sanding was minimal, just to distress them.

Green Dresser, Finished
Green Dresser, Finished

On Wednesday, I waxed the white dresser, varnished the black dresser and waxed all the drawers on the green dresser.

The knobs on the Black dresser will match; I only had 4 of the black and white knobs I wanted.

Black Dresser, Finished
Black Dresser, Finished

The green dresser needed more work: I had to give it a second coat of clear wax, add dark wax and also a few touches of gold and graphite.

Green Dresser Close Up
Green Dresser Close Up

I considered my challenge a success! It definitely helped me to focus, and works towards my deadline.

I got most of the stuff done in 3 days!

The shop looks so much prettier with the new painted pieces.

Do you have something you want to do, too?

Challenge yourself and tell me about it!

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