White Trunk

I bought this trunk a while ago for $30 on Craigslist. I LOVED IT.

I guess you are like me, love many things?

The wood was “peeled” on the sides; that’s why it was cheap.
I was already brave enough to think “I will FIX IT” without EVER having done anything like that, LOL!!!

It was EASY. Bought wood filler, it is like that white paste you buy to fill holes on your wall, but made for wood. Applied it with a spatula, let it dry, sanded with a fine block. Repeat. Wipe. Voila!

I always have to wait a little to decide what to do with my furniture. In this case, I was afraid to paint because it was so shiny… I thought my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint might bleed. But I don’t know how to paint with any other paint, lol!
And I could not leave it because the wood filler was obvious on the side. I wish I had taken a picture of that! Sorry.

I was going to paint Duck Egg Blue or Provence on top, and write some words like a bench I saw but… It looks so pretty like that!!!

It looks “clean” in my bedroom (almost everything here is white)…

The pictures above were taken after two coats of ASCP Pure White and distressed. Note the sunshine…

Finally I had time to wax it, at night… I still need to buff it but here is how it looks now!

I have to say this is my best piece yet!!! I am getting better!!!

I love the details…

I hope you “take the plunge” and paint something in your house, too!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

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    1. I am exactly like you!!! I love many things!!!
      But seems to me that they don’t love me same way… :'(
      Congratulations dear!

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am glad!!! Kika told me there is a lady that has a blog like mine in Brazil, I will find the link and let you know! Maybe it will inspire you to do some “restoration” over there!!!
      XOXO (hugs and kisses)

    3. Claudine;
      I love the way this turned out! It’s sooo pretty! You did a great job. Thanks so much for sharing!
      home sweet nest

    4. Dear Elisa!!! Thank you so much for dropping by!!!
      I know, I am getting better!!! I am surprising myself, LOL!!!
      I am so glad you liked it!!!

    5. It looks so much better in the white! I love how painting it brought out all of the details. Very nice!

    6. WOW, Marian!
      What an honor to have you here!
      I am a follower and an admirer!!!
      I know, I am so happy how it turned out!
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

    7. Well Done Claudine !! I am so proud of you ! Will this Gem be for sale soon ???
      Hugs Kelley

    8. Thank you, Kelley!!!
      No, this one is for my bedroom!!!
      I know, when am I going to start SELLING stuff???!!!!

    9. What a beautiful piece! Nicely done.

    10. Thank you Heather!!
      I loved your blog, just found it yesterday!
      Thank you for coming over!

    11. Wow it is so beautiful!!!

    12. I think you did a wonderful job, Claudine. Perfect piece for a bedroom.

    13. Thank you, Laura!!!
      Right now the trunk is getting filled with Silver trays and teapots to sell in the first market I will participate!!!

    1. I love how that turned out, amazing what white paint can do. The way ASCP distresses is so beautiful, great job on this!

    2. Thank you, Mimi!!!
      I know, it distresses very well!!!
      The details show better than before!
      Thanks for coming over!

    3. Your bench is gorgeous . . . if the folks on Craig’s List see it, they will be knocking on your door wanting it back. I think leaving it white with no extra embellishments was the way to go . . . it is lovely and already haves fine detail. Great Job! Connie 🙂

    4. Awww, Connie!!! THANK YOU!!!
      So funny about the people wanting it back, hahahahaha!
      I know, sometimes “less is more”???
      Thanks for coming over!!!

  1. What a treasure to find and be able to keep for yourself! It sure does look all fresh and pretty in it’s new coat of white!

  2. Thank you, Beth!!!
    I love it and have space at the foot of my bed…
    But a friend of mine said her daughter is GIVING ME one of those for freeee!!!! So I will be able to paint and sell
    one! It will be my first piece to paint to a market I am participating in June!
    I will post about it as soon as I pick it up!!!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Claudine,
    I love it in white! The detailing at the bottom is lovely. I have a trunk in my garage that needs paint. It is not as nice as yours, but I think it will look much better in white too…. soon!!

  4. Go for it, Kathryn!!!
    You know, I was worried, it looked so shinny, I thought the paint would bleed, but it didn’t!!! And the details POPPED
    in white! I almost dry brushed the bottom, I didn’t not want to hide all the details…
    I can’t wait to see yours!!!

  5. Lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  6. Thank you Sherry!!!
    A friend of mine actually gave me another trunk, so now I have another one to paint, yyyaaaayyy!!!
    Talk to you soon!

  7. woohoo – this turned out beautifully. the detail is amazing!

  8. THANK YOU, Roxanne!!!
    This one was painted Pure White!
    the other one will be painted Old White!
    I can’t wait to start!!!!
    Thanks again for your kind comments!!!

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