House Updates, Paint, and Refresh Market!

I miss you!
I have been SO BUSY, and here is why!
I am going to update you in this post, okay?

One of my house projects this year was to paint this buffet!
And here it is!!! Thanks to Miss Mustard Seed, I got hooked in Ironstone, and my collection grows weekly…

Simply White Buffet
Simply White Buffet

Here is my Kitchen, all nicely organized… Check out my Milk Glass Collection!!!!

Kitchen Counter Painted Drawer
Kitchen Counter Painted Drawer
Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Counter


Milk Glass Collection
Milk Glass Collection

I collected a bunch of these pieces, but got a “boost” from a friend that had too many and had to part with some.


I am just posting a few updates if you want to check what I was up to!

SO here is the latest Market I participated, April 27!

And here is my Open House, April 20!

I also had my first Cece Caldwell Paint Workshop, April 13!!!

And my office is ready if you want to come over and pick up some Cece Cadwell Paint!

My next event is at the Vancouver Convention Centre, May 11 and 12!
Check out my events page for details!

I will be posting more often as I can’t wait to be part of all the parties I used to!!!
Miss my blogging friends!!


Today I am partying at Fine Craft Guild!



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