Milk Glass Lamp

I am becoming a real DIYer!
I found this BEAUTIFUL table lamp at my local Thrift Store!
It was missing a part, crystals and shade…

This is not the right space for it,
but I was trying to get some light to show you the details.

I fell in love with the milk glass…
and the metal details, I believe brass???

I went from the thrift store straight to the hardware store. Put this puppy in the buggy and pranced around like I had a baby in a stroller, LOL!!! People LOOKED at it with admiration, I SWEAR!!!

I wish I had taken “before” pictures but I was so excited…
Bought the wire part that was missing to secure the lamp shade at the hardware store…
Then found the shade at Home Sense.

I had crystals I bought for another chandelier I am going to finish, it needed four. Isn’t it pretty???

So here are the mirrored doors again… now with lamps!!!
My living room was so dark… but I was waiting to find the RIGHT lamps!!!
I found the stand lamp at the hardware store! I saw it and then came home and could not stop thinking about it. So went back there and bought it!
It was on sale because it was discontinued! It has and industrial look, in brass.  Score!!!!
I am sharing my pretty lamp at:


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