Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Station

As promised, here is my Hot Chocolate Station!

My inspiration was, of course, Valentine’s Day and a few of my ReStory treasures!

Hot Chocolate Station
Hot Chocolate Station

I made this wooden sign, and painted the wooden tray.

My friend Christine gave me the Pewter tea set… Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL???

Christine also gave me this pretty tablecloth.

Pewter Tea Set
Pewter Tea Set
Valentine's Tray
Valentine’s Tray

The candle holder is from IKEA, from years ago.

Silver spoons, the vintage “salt shaker” (which I filled with dark cocoa, just for effect)

and Milk Glass (I used to display wafers) are from my own collection.

The other day a new friend came over and brought these pretty napkins! They fit perfectly with my theme!

The tea cups and doilies were bought in Scotland in 2011, when we went to visit my in-laws.

Hot Chocolate with Marhsmallows
Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

I don’t have a special recipe: I heated the milk on the stove, in a pot.┬áThen added Fry’s Cocoa and sugar to taste.

I guess we can melt chocolate chips into the milk, but I was worried that the chocolate wouldn’t melt smoothly… You can also add Baileys if you like!

Vintage Treasures and Love
Vintage Treasures and Love

My Hot Chocolate Station is going to be up until February 14th, Valentine’s Day!

If any of my friends come over, I will be prepared!

Don’t worry, I will refresh the cookies and marshmallows everyday, LOL!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my beloved friends (including virtual friends)!!!


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