Antique Chest

Between my son’s graduation, preparing for The Vintage Market and my mom’s arrival next week, things have been quite busy here.

I am sore from moving furniture, LOL! I just wanted to show you my latest finds!!!
I got this “red box” from the same lady that sold me the Lamp Post! She did not know quite how to call it.

I fell in love…

But did not like the Asian painting on it…

I was ready to do my “thang”, paint WHITE and DISTRESS it, when my friend Pam said: NOOOOO!!! Leave it alone!!!
This is three million years old (my words, not hers, LOL)!!!

SO, this will be up for grabs at The Vintage Market!!!
Since I am not a fan of red (for my house)!

Now, “The Secret” must have happened (you know, “like” attracts “like” because last night I found another one!!!!!
YEEEESSS!!!! And the lady called it “Parlour Chest“!!!
She said it was used to carry magazines!!!
Awwww…. So here is my new treasure!!!

Isn’t it adorable???

I wish I could use it as a mail box in front of the house, but somebody might steal it!
I am keeping this beauty!!! The sweet lady told me it belonged to her aunt, “and she would be happy for you to have it”… Awww… poor lady barely got a word in because I talked non-stop!!! I think I made her dizzy!!!
She also had a box of books she was giving away and she asked me if I wanted any. I spotted this Etiquette book and asked if she was giving that one away, too! She said yes!
She said it was a famous book, by Emily Post!

I said I recognised the name! So there!

I need 2 more to make a bundle, now! And put on a table, like Miss Mustard Seed! I normally don’t look at books at thrift stores, but I might, now! But this one has a special meaning, because she gave me!

Ok, this was my morning adventure!!!
In the afternoon I met a guy that rents medieval furniture and utensils for the movie industry, another load of fun!!!
But I will post about the afternoon treasures another day!!!

I just cannot believe how many WONDERFUL people I am meeting because of this blog, and the start of my business! I was always impressed by people’s generosity (as a fundraiser), but I am shockedby the amount of amazing people I am meeting (virtually and in person)!!!

God bless you all!!!
Today I am partying at:

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