Stand Lamp

So I bought this old lamp post from a lady that refurbishes furniture for 25 years… she is moving and needed to get rid of her stuff.
She gave me the idea to turn it into a candle holder…So I took it apart…

Cleaned and took the wiring out… and the light bulb socket…
And painted it with ASCP Old White! Distressed a bit and…


My friend Pam bought it the night she came help me pricing for the Fair, so I took these pictures in a hurry!!!!

We needed something for AROUND the candle, so I got a cheap fake pearl necklace I had…

I was going to hang some crystals (I am not sure you can see it but there are 3 little screws we can hang crystals from) on the base, but she said she had crystals for it at home!

I owe you a picture of it in Pam’s house, she added the crystals and put a red candle on it, I can’t wait to see it!!!

This is a GREAT SIMPLE project and the result was amazing!!!

Today I am partying at:

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