My First Fair

Last Saturday I participated in my first fair!
It was a school Spring Fair here in my city.
My friend Kika’s kids study there and she asked me if
I wanted to participate, for experience!
The table cost only $25 so what did I have to lose?

The Fair was GREAT!
By the time I took this picture I had already sold three items. Two of them did not make ANY photo…
I tried to make some silver trays with chalkboard paint in the middle… argghh did not turn out so good…

SO, I kept doing the stuff I like, my painting!

The 2 candle holders on the left sold!
The silver pot on the right, sold!
The silver “thingy” behind the teapot sold, too.
You can see it opened in the picture below. My friend Pam suggested to put cu-tips in the lid and cotton balls in the “body” of the container. Who knows what the real use was for? (I loved them… do you have a hard time letting stuff GO?)

For my first experience, I say it was a success!
I sold 9 pieces. All kinds of items, some stuff I painted but most of them were treasures found here and there.

The chubby candle holder on the very left was sold, also.
The cake plate on the back was also sold, here is a better picture:

When I told my friend Christine I wanted to make cake plates, she gave me this one… And it was the first one SOLD!

I was reluctant to glue the plates to the bases but Pam encouraged me and SHE CHOSE this winning combination!!

Here are the other ones she suggested!
I don’t know why I am such a chicken!

If they don’t sell, I can always keep them!
These pictures I took with my cell. I have some in my camera, like a candlestick I made from an old lamp, ADORABLE… But my friend Pam came to help me price the items and fell in love with it!!! I am so flattered she bought it Friday night and took it home, LOL!!! We even had a fight over the price, what a dilemma is to sell to friends!!!
I appreciate suggestions on a policy in how to sell to friends, if you have it!

This mirror was my biggest item sold!

I painted the white mirror. I got lots of interest in it but did not sell it. I love it… I love everything I sell, lol!

My friend Kelley, from The Upholster’s Wife, suggested me to make the chalkboard out of an old frame, to write Condensed Love Home, on it! Pam suggested to add ASCP painted furniture to add interest!
AMAZING how everybody comes together to help us, right?
I feel so blessed!

I better get started in my bigger items for the Vintage Market! That’s coming up SOON!!!

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