Burlap Wreath

I always wonder what to put on my front door.

It is easy to decorate it at Christmas,
but what do I do the other times of the year?
I wanted an “all-seasons” wreath, that I could leave there and not have to change it every time a new holiday came on.
I saw this video on how to make a burlap wreath on YouTube
and decided to make my own!!!
Isn’t it cute?? This is hanging on my entrance closet because I just made it last night and did not hang it in my door yet…
The little bird and the flowers I bought at Michael’s
but you can make flowers out of felt or any fabric if you have leftovers at home.
My entrance needs a makeover. I already bought a doormat, and made the wreath. Now the door needs to be painted!
Here it is in daylight.
My husband put on our sideboard so
the dog wouldn’t shred it to pieces!
I hope you get inspired to make one!
I will make sure to take pictures when my entrance is all complete!Today I am partying at:
Fine Craft Guild


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