Irresistible Cookies

Sweet Temptation!The other day I found these beautiful Lemon and White Chocolate Chip Cookies that Erin, from My Very Educated Mother made. They looked delicious and I decided to try!!!

So yesterday, I made them right before dinner.

I set the table (for ONE) so I could have ONE cookie and ONE cup of tea and then go on to make dinner.

Note the cookie plate… And the little tablecloth…


All vintage items I bought from a sweet lady here in my city. They belonged to her mother.
I can feel the love in her well-worn things.

As I turned to get a tea cup in the kitchen, my 5-month old puppy, Axel, went on a chair and ATE A COOKIE!!! That had NEVER happened BEFORE!!!


I said Tea and Cookies for ONE!!! (I guess he thinks HE is the ONE???)

So my photo session ended since it was getting dark and I wanted natural light for my set up… And I was literally FIGHTING with Axel over these cookies… Sorry for the blurry photos of him, but I had to show you!

And now you know how IRRESISTIBLE Erin’s Cookies are, because Axel never jumped on the table for anything, not even STEAK!

I took a last shot of them safe on top of the stove! The recipe yields twice as that!

And the house smells like lemon… Yuuuumm!!!

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