Baked French Toast

I am  SO HAPPY to know that there are people reading my blog. YAY!

I HAD to share with you this wonderful recipe I found at Dwell on Joy blog! I prepared it last night, and baked it this morning, since my son will not be home for breakfast tomorrow.

I followed Sarah’s recipe exactly, the only thing I changed was the bread. My husband bought white French bread instead.

Sarah mentioned she had bread left over so I cut mine in thick slices and squeezed them in the Pyrex. I just left the tips out. Everything else was exactly the same!
Here is the result…
Doesn’t it look awesome???
I was surprised, myself!!!
We were also surprised that was not too sweet…
It was PERFECT!!!
My husband cooked some bacon…
I cut some strawberries…
I sprinkled some sugar with cinnamon in mine!!!
Now we need to invite people over for brunch!!!
This was so easy because I prepared it the night before!
Make sure you grab the recipe at Dwell on Joy!
Happy Easter!!!

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