Sparkly Chandelier

A while ago I found this chandelier on Craigslist, for FREE. Silly me, had to pay the lady $20 for it. You can read the whole post here.

Don’t you worry, I know better NOW!!!
Since I decided I am going to try to make a business out of re-purposing and painting furniture and maybe selling some antiques, I have become waaayy more “money conscious”!!!

But anyway, at the time, I only thought to use it in my guest room. And that’s where it will be!
I wanted to “update it” somehow. But it is kind of a retro style, not the “French” “antique” style…
I did not find any place to hang crystals on it.
So I decided to put strings of beads, to make it more “sparkly”!

Note that it is hanging from the SPOT LIGHTS in my dinning room, since I don’t do electrical work!

I went to Michael’s and found the beads SO EXPENSIVE!
But bought about $20 worth of material (now the whole project cost me $40): a”string” and the beads.

If you notice there are 6 metal “little posts” behind each glass globe. I glued (with a glue gun) a 7″ string of beads in each.
Towards the centre of the chandelier, the little “metal posts” are shorter, so I actually made longer strings, those are 13″ I think. And I inserted and glued (with a glue gun again) smaller beads at intervals. So each string has 6 beads. They are spaced.

The centre of the chandelier has longer strings with less beads falling from it and the outer of the chandelier has shorter strings with more beads and bigger beads falling from it.
Awww… So cute!!!
I am sure it will be even prettier when the lights are up!!!
I can’t wait to see this in the guest room…
I will show you the whole reveal soon!!!I am sharing this project here:

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