Furniture Updates

I have been trying to finish some projects here!

It is so annoying when you have something UNFINISHED staring at you, right???

Ok, so I have this little chest of drawers that has been bugging me. I love, love this “end table” for lack of a better word to describe it.

But it is too high to be in the middle of the chairs where it is. I have changed the table between these chairs a couple of times, but put this one there until I sell it. Yes, I decided to let it go… I posted it on Craigslist but so far no bite!

A friend suggested I distressed a bit more. I did it, and also I coated with dark wax to finish.

I am going to post it again today! I already have another tiny table lined up to take its place.


This little bedside table was SOLD TODAY!!! So now THIS was my first piece of furniture ever sold, as I still have the chest here, lol!

I am still not convinced those chairs should remain white…

Also, remember the “New Trunk” I got from a friend?

Another friend came over and LOVED IT. She said she wanted to buy it, and asked me to paint off-white. I used ASCP Old White. Finished it with clear wax.

I love it! I should call it “Hope Chest” as some of my readers pointed out.

Soon it will be filled with my friend’s stuff! This is SO HEAVY and also big inside!

I hope she likes it as much as I do! I can’t wait to deliver it! My first sold project!


My friend loved the Hope Chest, and my son helped me deliver it yesterday!!!! So this was the firstpiece I actually made for a client!!!!

I also remembered to buy tulips and put in the little milk glass vase in my guest room…

Amazing how flowers make a difference!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

I am going to share these projects at:

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