Party Sweets

Today my blog completes 2 months of existence!

SO I decided to share my best party sweets recipes!
It is easy, as usual!
The secret for this sweet is to know when it is ready…
and to make it in ADVANCE.
 For example, if the party is on Sunday, you make it on Friday night. Then let it cool until Saturday. On Saturday you “roll” it. And on Sunday it will be perfect to eat!! That way you are not slaving hours and hours in the kitchen.
To start, add 1 can of condensed milk and
1 tbsp of margarine (or butter) in a small pan.
As you heat it, it will get liquid,
but then it will start to thicken.
Like here. This takes about 5 min, you have to be stirring and watching there. Do not leave it unattended or it will stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.
It is ready as soon as you move all “dough” to one side of the pan and you can see the bottom of the pan, like here. This is a bad photo as I have the cell on one hand taking a picture and the other hand is holding the pan… but you will understand. This won’t take long. If you let it thicken too much the sweets will be chewy. You don’t want that. You want soft inside with a little crust outside.
Put the dough on a plate. After it cools, cover with saran wrap (plastic) and leave them overnight.
If you are making chocolate ones like me (I always make white and chocolate) do the same thing, but add 2tbsp of chocolate powder to the condensed milk and margarine.
I even added to the same pan I made the white one…
It thickens…
See? Same process.
Put on a dish, wait overnight to make the little balls.
So the next day you roll the whites in sugar and the chocolate ones in chocolate sprinkles. I make little balls using half of a tea spoon (or less) of dough, and roll them in my wet hands.
I leave a bowl with water right beside me so I wet my hands as I make the little balls.
I then put them on the plate with sugar (or sprinkles). When I have about 10 of them, I wash my hands, and dry them and roll the sweets put them in paper and start again with the dough.
It is easier if you have someone to help. Last night my son helped me with these. So I made the balls and he passed them on sugar an put in the paper cup.
I use regular sugar, but the sprinkles I use real chocolate I buy at a deli close to home. I find the little paper cups at the Dollar Store. But they are a bit bigger than what we use in Brazil. Also in Brazil they have beautiful ones. But anyway, I used the ones I had at home.
I love them…
It is hard to stop eating!!!
I love the chocolate ones, too!!!
Do you want one, right now???
I wish I could send you some!
Thank you so much for reading my blog!!!

Today I am partying at:

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