“New” Trunk

I have been down with the flu so I could not prepare anything new to show off this Friday… But then I read this post from Kathryn at Ugly Ducking Transformations and got inspired to show you something I have not finished yet!I found so funny Kathryn said a trunk “mysteriously” appeared in her backyard this week. She thinks the neighbours put it there, after seen her hauling old furniture and sanding and painting on her backyard! LOL!!!

I guess that happens to many of us DIYers??? Well, now that I am one, this happened to me, too!!!My friend Christine saw the White Trunk I painted for my bedroom on my blog, and called me:
“Claudine, my daughter has a trunk just like yours and she wants to get rid of it. I told her to give it to you, for FREE! So here is what is going to happen:
She works close to you, so she will leave the trunk in her car in the parking lot. Her car will be unlocked. You get there and open the car and take the trunk!!!”


The trunk was so heavy, I had to take my son with me. He is a teenager, and he was all worried the police was going to STOP us from opening a car in the parking lot…
Teenagers can be so dramatic…
So we literally behaved like thieves, because everything happened so fast, he did not want to get caught and have to explain the whole story…
Anyway, I love it!!!
And like Christine said, it is the PERFECT PRICE!!!
This baby will be finished and up for sale at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market in June!

Isn’t it beautiful?? It is actually a perfect size for the foot of the bed: almost 4 feet long  (120cm).
       The white paint will bring out the details!
Loads of storage space, and all lined up with cedar…
I love when I can see where the furniture is from!
This one is made in Canada, and about 60 years old!
I hope you get lucky like Kathryn and me, and have your friends (or anonymous friends) bring YOU something, too!This trunk is partying at:

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