Upholstery Job

I bought this adorable little foot stool a while ago. I loved it. It even has some storage, I guess to keep your sewing supplies?

It was painted inside but I painted again in ASCP Duck Egg Blue. I guess the previous owner had stripped the color because it had some smudges of paint but I liked it like that, so I left it. (I just noticed Enzo in the background, LOL)

It was quite a pain to upholster it, I had to unscrew the lid and then after it was upholstered I had to screw it back. I had to find new screws and some of the old ones were too old.

Here I am all happy with stupidity… Seriously, this is not a happy story!!!!
The compressor hose BROKE and scared the hell out of me!!! My husband said: SIT DOWN. You are DONE. And handed me a bag of candy… It was that bad!!!!

Anyway, another day I finished what I had started this day, which were the corners. The stool does not have sharp corners. I am not sure if that made it harder or not, but in my first upholstery workshop I only  worked with a chair seat, which had sharp corners.

See what I mean? The bating kind of “bundled” there and now the stool WON’T CLOSE!!!

It actually matches this chair… I put it there so you have an idea of the size. It can be used as a foot stool. Or you can have it in a corner, like I did when Maria come over. I put in a corner of her room with her towels on top. It is great to pack a luggage, since you can sit on it and you are lower to the ground.
But now I have to undo the corners, cut some of the bating and do it again.
I also thought about putting something from the Graphics Fairy on top, but one of my friends fell in love with it and she said she wanted it plain. I hope she still likes it, LOL!
Thank you so much for reading!!!

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