Furniture Hunting

Last week on Tuesday, my friend Ingrid and I went to Lynden, WA. In our adventures we met my friend Kelley,
and she showed us a great Thrift Store in Bellingham!
When we first arrived in Lynden, we saw a street (Front Street) full of antique stores.
Very cute, and less expensive than Fort Langley (a city closer to me).

From there we met Kelley and we went to the Goodwill in Bellingham. Only one stop and I filled my car… because, OF COURSE, I fell in love with the first thing I saw: a round dinning table with 4 chairs… I am more and more defining my style. I like big pieces. I like hunting for treasures but I enjoy big treasures, LOL!

Passing in the border… LOL!!!! I was so excited about my dining set I FORGOT to keep the receipt with me! So it was BURIED in a bag or a basket, tucked behind my seat, with all the big pieces on top! The guard asked me how much I spent and I said… and he said: ONLY??? For this car full of STUFF??? You got a DEAL!
I was trying to be helpful and show him what was inside the car, so I opened the back window… and this is what he saw…

Ok, I have to say my husband was not so happy to have to take the heavy table out of the car in 30C heat.

Little things we bought at Front Street, Lynden
We had to take the base of the table off to fit in the car…

I can’t wait to get my hands in all this stuff!!!


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