Re-purposed Mailbox

My new mailbox! I always wanted  an old mailbox… you know, the ones you see in the movies? Dingy looking, on the side of the road…

So in June I was at The Olde Farmhhouse Market and found this mailbox!

I still needed a “pole” to attach to it.

So when my friend Brian (my dear friend Marilia’s husband) gave me this table base, I thought: huum!

So basically I cut that rectangle you see right below the mail box (which you would normally attach the table top) to fit the bottom of the mail box.

I don’t have a table saw so I went to Rona (my local hardware store).

See how it is cut to fit?

This was my first time using Cece Caldwells’s paint. I bought Vintage White and Michigan Green, to match my house!
Does everybody give you suggestions??? People told me: “paint it BLACK!” “Paint it RED!”

But I wanted it to match the house.

So first I used Vintage White, then I added Michigan Green, then I distressed it with a wet cloth.

The girls at Welcome Home Decor, where I bought my paint, told me the paint would dry lighter, then would turn dark again when I applied the wax (or Satin Finish, in this case). It was fun watching all the colour change!

Vintage White
Michigan Green!
Paint drying!!! See how lighter it gets!
I have been using Satin Finish for while now. I love that I don’t need to buff!!! Here the bottom part is not finished because I wanted to show you how the paint gets darker again when I applied it.
And finally, at the curb!!!

I know it is written US MAIL and I live in Canada but the Postman did not mind, LOL!

Got my first mail delivered yesterday!!!

I love it!!!

I glued the Mailbox on the wooden part but noticed there is a space on the side I can attach screws. I will be doing that this weekend, to secure it better.

I am now afraid someone will steal it because it is so pretty, lol!
I might move it closer to the house!

Today I am showing my mailbox off at Rose’s party:

Fine Craft Guild
Have a great weekend everyone!



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3 thoughts on “Re-purposed Mailbox

  • November 30, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Oh I love it ! I wish we had our mail delivered to the house but we have boxes ” boring ” I have been thinking of getting Papa here to make a barn mail box for me anyways cause we get the local paper delivered . Love your web site . Have a good day !

  • December 1, 2012 at 11:40 am

    What a great idea. It is so adorable that I would be afraid someone would steal it too. Maybe move it closer to the house to remove temptation. 🙂


  • December 3, 2012 at 1:34 am

    Dear Elaine! Thank you so much for coming over and commenting!
    Yes, you could have a little barn house just for fun! The other day I went to a Fair and they had these “gnome” houses… adorable… Some people put them in the yard just for decoration. I even thought of putting one on top of my table base… But the my mail box would have no pole! Let me know if you actually get the barn house for the paper!

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