Scottish Trunk and Farm Table

It is hard to concentrate on only ONE project at a time, isn’t it?

I am currently working in this beautiful pine trunk from Scotland…

My husband is Scottish, so when the lady (that sold me) said “Scottish”, I was sold!!!

It was a little beaten up, so I am in the process of cleaning, waxing, replacing hardware…

I would keep the hardware, but one is broken and they don’t match also.

It was dirty and had a splatters of paint all over…
This handle is missing the middle part


And this one doesn’t match! Seriously…
I stripped the paint with a product I found at Rona.

I used Marian’s tutorial for the “stripping” part.

I did not find the same product here, perhaps because I live in Canada.

I followed the instructions, used gloves and goggles (just in case). I left it for more than an house.

I took the product out just like Marian, on a paper plate. Then I wiped it with a wet paper towel. I scrubbed a bit with a sponge and

more paint came off.

This was the trunk the day after:

Dry, the day after paint stripper was applied.

I still have to sand it (it says in the instructions not to sand until completely dry, at least 24 hours later), replace the hardware and wax it.

I will keep you posted!!!!

WIth all this waiting… I had to do something… and here is my next project…

I am in loooove…

I put it by my kitchen window, but it cannot be there… as “seeing on the kitchen floor”, I have dogs… big dogs.

But I always wanted a table like that! And I have two farm chairs that will look perfect with it!

Again, I will let you know when they are done!
Have a great weekend!


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