Unusual Garden Planters

On the “quest” to make the house ready for my mom,
I had to plant some flowers around…
I am NOT a gardener, but one of my best friends,
Ingrid, IS!!!!
SO, on Friday she came over and off to the garden center
we went!!!
Ladies. I need to make a parentheses here just to let you know my head is SPINNING from my first upholstery job
(on my own). The compressor hose BROKE and scared the hell out of me!!! It was already more than 9pm and David said: “you are done.” LOL!! And he gave me some candy and told me to sit down! So here I am!!!
Ok, back to the flowers!
I am just going to show you! I am sure you are also tired and just want some eye candy!!!

Pickle Jars made in Canada! Loved them!

We planted Dahlias and Lavender and the other yellow flower that looks like a daisy in each one.

It took me a while to get bark mulch in both sides of the front yard. Now it looks too brown… So we are working on brightening up, but I don’t want to plant a bunch of bushes, because that’s how it was before…

These are in the back. Basically there is a square of gravel and one post on each side. There is grass on either side of the gravel.
Back to the front door(remember those 2 little plants on the floor):

Picked those 2 kettles in a garage sale.
Ingrid tried to take that Fern out
but couldn’t, so we just left it alone.
We tried to plant a Fairy Garden since I saw many of them in Blogland recently!

And remember those little plants on the floor?

I was inspired but Sherry from The Charm of Home.
She planted a pansy in a creamer in Spring, and I fell in love!

I think this succulent is a little “unruly” LOL!
I liked the grass in the creamer better!I hope you have fun with unusual containers this Summer!
I a sharing my planters at:

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