Maria’s Bedroom

My mom came from Brazil and brought our dear friend, Maria, with her. Maria knows my son since he was a baby and she also came to see his High School Graduation. Such a special guest deserved her very own bedroom, of course!
So I transformed my office into a bedroom for her. They arrived today and are fast asleep in their fresh and fluffy beds! You can see the update in my mom’s bedroom here (yes, I painted that bed!).
Maria’s bed!

My husband could not cut the wall to get a sample of the paint to have it matched. SO I had to wing it… and I was OFF, LOL! This morning I made a flower out of music sheet paper and put on top of the “boo-boo” you see by the mirror. I am going to make two more flowers and take a picture to show you.

As soon as I saw this bed, I fell in love…

I will have to keep it… ( I took this picture before washing the bedding sheets, so they are all wrinkled)

When my mom saw this mirror, she said: isn’t that MY MIRROR… (that’s WHY I PAINTED HER BED, I knew she would be jealous, LOL!) I said, NO, that’s not your mirror…

Adorable bedding sheets…

I had to keep the printer and the computer there.

On the left is the cabinet I keep all my office stuff!

Unfortunately I will have to take this dresser out
and replace it with my desk. But I love this dresser, too!

Gerbera Daisies and a candle…

A little gift box with soap, socks and a hand cream…

The milk glass is to keep her jewellery…
She already unpacked and put jewellery in it!

I normally keep ALL my purses on this hanger!
I cleaned up for Maria!

She got beautiful new towels. More on the stool later…

And here is the bed again!!!
Don’t you want to be my guest, too??

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