Painted Antique Bed

The saga of the Guest room continues!

I decorated this room for my mom’s visit!

So you “voted” and I painted the bed!!!
Here are the pictures of this room NOW!

Notice her pink mirror…

And the daisies…

I had so much trouble with this headboard… had to apply shellac (read at Annie Sloan website) because the paint kept bleeding trough… I took the pillows off so you can see better.

I chose light gray bedding sheets and towels for my mom.

This is a fluffy bed!!!

It shows funny in the picture but it looks quite white in “reality”. More details in the “footboard” than the headboard.

And of course, my mom also got a gift box with goodies!
The bed again…

And without the pillows!
Thank you so much to everyone that motivated me to paint it!
And here is the old post, if you want to check the “before” pictures!
Today I am partying at:

Fine Craft Guild

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