Vintage Trays Wall

Happy New Year!

Wishing you much HEALTH and love in 2013!
Hopefully this will be a very productive year for all of us!

You know those projects we are always meaning to get to???
Now is the time!!!!

I have wanted to do something with my vintage trays, and saw a few pictures on Pinterest that inspired me!

So here it is!!!! I searched for better ways to hang them to the wall, and the best option was VELCRO!!!
Yes. EASY. I tried to find metal plate hangers, also little attachments that I could glue on the metal trays…

Yaaacks. SO time consuming. Finally settled for velcro. You will see the picture. And please, don’t hang them over a crib

or a child’s bed! Just in case, LOL!

This is for my guest room.

What do you think?? I laid them all on the bed, and then started putting them on the wall little by little.


I changed the beddings from off-white to beige because my dog kept leaving his black fur on it. It looked better in off-white…

I love this table, and I use it as desk, when I don’t have any guests.

I love the little metal feet!

This red clock was not really in the best spot, downstairs by the laundry. I wanted to add some red to this room, I think it looks great here!

The product I used, found at Home Depot.

I hope in 2013 you complete many of the projects on your list!!!

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